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 Terms of use

Dear Customers,

Please, read carefully the General conditions for using the System of e-commerce of"Marine Shop".


Requirements for registration of a customer:

Any individual or legal person intendingtomakeapurchasethroughe-commercestore"MarineShop" hasto complete and confirm the accuracy of the data in the registration form located at:, thereby creating a customer profile.
By creating a customer profile registered person:
         1.) Acquire a username and password to identify in "Marine Shop".
         2.) ExpressagreementwiththepresentGeneralconditionsforusing the e-shop “Marine Shop”.
         3.) Receive authorization to make valid contracts for the purchase of goods offered by Shop “Marine Shop", as well as to refuse their implement in the proper order. 

"Marine Shop"reserves the right to refuse access to the website, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders at our discretion. If we cancel an order, it will be without charge to you.


Shopping procedure and ordering


When you make an order for purchasing products trough e-shop “Marine Shop”, you will automatically receive an e-mail, confirming its successful receipt, and containing details of the order. Orders placed through the web site are considered an "offer to treat". The order is deemed accepted by the time arepresentative of"Marine Shop" contactsyou and get your confirmation on the validity of the order.

In order to form the purchase in the proper way, the customer must:
 1.) Activate the execution of the order by pressing the button “Confirm Order”. Clicking the button "Confirm Order" shall be deemed as accepting all terms and conditions.

2.) Provide a valid shipping address and contact telephone.

The customer may choose the delivery address between the following:

Delivery address is the same as my personal address

Delivery address is the same as my business address

Delivery address is as follows: Field for Receiver and field for Address

3.) As additional fields, the Customer may choose the date of delivery, or to registe radditional requirements to his order or to delivery address, etc.

4.) Choose the way of delivery from the section„Choosing the transport”.The section has the following menu:

4.1.)  Courier

            4.1.1.) Econt

            4.1.2.) Speedy

 4.2.) From our chain of stores

            4.2.1.) LALIZAS MARINE BG(Varna, “Al. Dyakovich” 7)

            4.2.2.) MARINASTORES(Burgas, “Lazur” bl. 78, ent. 9)

            4.3.3.) MARINE SHOP SENY LTD (Ruse,“Pristanishtna”1)

4.3.) With Lalizas Marine BG transport in case of big order

            4.3.1.) Order below 4000 BGN– negotiated over the phone.

            4.3.2.) Order over 4000 BGN– Free delivery

Note: For orders over 4000 BGN the transport is obligatory and only at Marine Shop expense and this is the only option, which is mark as default!

5.) Choose the terms of payment from the section “Payment and Invoicing”. The section has the following menu:

As payment method "Marine Shop” offers the following two options:

    5.1.) Payment trough bank account

    5.2.) In cash

For the method of invoicing:

    5.3.) Yes(You may enter theexact details of the company in your profile. The details of the company in your profile will be used for issuing of the invoice)

    5.4.) No

6.) Press the button “Check out”. By pressing the button, registered customer confirms validity of the data entered and the products chosen by him:

7.)  After your order is received you will be contacted by our Sales department. You will be notified by phoneore-mail about:
            а) availability of the ordered articles by model and quantity (includingsize, color, etc.)
            б) shipping cost
            в) term of delivery

8.) In the phone conversation (or by e-mail), you must confirm that you agree wit the price and delivery terms of the ordered products.
9.)  You will receive ane-mail for the order, which contains the final details of the shipment such as model and quantity of the articles sent, cost of shipment, delivery date and total amount  for payment.


Price and payment

Prices are in Bulgarian Leva inclusive of  VAT. The payment is also made in Bulgarian Leva.
The price quoted for the product is valid for the relevant packaging (quantity of products of the same kind in single package), which depends of the type of the product and does not include the shipping cost.
Amount owed by customer for delivering the goods is calculated by him whenhe choosestheappropriate courier based on current conditions of the courier. The total amount due on the transaction is finalized after calculating the costs of delivery and confirmation ofthe customer.

“Marine Shop” does not publish information about the availability of the goods. Many of the items are onstock, but the exact quantity of an item is not published. When processing your order, we will inform you about availability and delivery of each item ordered.


Delivery of the products

The amount owed for the delivery is calculated based on the conditions of the courier. To assist in thechoiceofcourierisgiventherelevantinternetlinkofthecouriertoverifyitscurrentsupplyconditions.


Delivery time

Period of delivery depends on availability of items. In casethat we have all ordered  products in stock delivery is within 24 hours of shipment. Normal period for completion of order is 1-2 working days. If the product is not in stock the period is longer.

You must bear in mind that each order needs some technical time for completing: conversation with the customer and specifying the details, packaging, and preparation of inventory list, consignment, loading and courier. In this context, orders sent after 15.00 hours is likely to not be received the next day.
In case of circumstances leading to delayofexecution of the orderthe customer will be informed in due time on the phone number he gave for contact.





„MarineShop” guarantees, thatwhentheproductissent, ithasnodefects, whichmayreduceitsvalueorits suitability for normal use.
On receipt of the shipment, but no later than 24 hours, the customer should verify that it is complete and whether the delivered items have some defects.

In case of spotteddefects atthe receipt of the goods, the customer must immediately inform theirtype and quantity.

The warranty period starts from the time ofreceipt of the shipment.

Warranty does not applyfor defects caused by inappropriate use of the product, excessive load or use contrary to the provisions in the guarantee of the product.


Rights and obligations

„Marine Shop”is obliged to deliver ordered goods within the agreed period.
„Marine Shop”is obliged to carry out arrangements with thecustomerwith appropriate concern.  
„Marine Shop”is not responsible for incorrect information givenby the manufacturer.
„MarineShop” is not bound to deliver the ordered goods ifan incorrect address or phoneis given.
„MarineShop” is not responsible for any delay or failure to meet its obligations in the event of circumstances beyond the control of the „Marine Shop”.
Thecustomerhastherighttoaskforreturnofthegoodsif there is a missing product or when the goods delivered are clearly not consistent with the ordered ones, and it was not possible to determine this at the time of acceptance of the consignment. The claim for shortages andapparent discrepancies shall be brought within 24 hours after receipt of shipment.
The customerhastherightto return the product if, due to incorrect transportation can be found obvious defects in goods or compromised integrity of its package. In this case the customer must refuse the signthe delivery documents thathe had received the goods and must immediately inform the representative of Marine Shop.
The customerhastherightto return the product if there is a discrepancy with the size ordered.

The claim for discrepancy with the size ordered has to be raised at the moment it is noticed, but not later than the expiry of the guarantee, if such is applicable.

Thecustomerhastherighttoaskforreturnofthegoodsif there isif there is a discrepancy with the ordered trademark.Claim for non-compliance with the trademark ordered has to be raised at the moment it is noticed, but not later than the expiry of the guarantee, if such is applicable.

Thecustomerhastherighttoaskforreturnofthegoodswhen the final price he must pay does not meet the agreed one.

Thecustomerhastherighttoaskforreturnofthegoods, when the deadline of delivery is not observed.
The customerhastheright, without compensation, to cancel the order within 7 (seven) days after receiving the goods subject to meeting the following conditions. The buyer will be responsible for the goods to be returned in a safe manner and undamaged at their own cost by the same method as the original delivery.

In bringing a claim the customermay pretend for:
         1. Refundof amount paid;
         2. Replace of the product wit a new one;
         3. Discount;
In bringing a claim, a representative of „MarineShop” may request a picture or returningofthe damaged goods as evidence of the basis of the claim.
In all cases of returning the goods arepresentative of Marine Shop must be pre-informed.
The customershall provide a valid telephone number and shipping address.
The customer is obliged to pay the price of goods ordered.
The customer is obliged topay the amount for other costs such as delivery, packaging and any other as specified.
The customer shall receive goods ordere.
The customer bears full responsibility for the privacyor transfer to third parties of itsuser name and password and for all acts performed by them.
Thecustomershall not make false contracts, fictional reviews for a product or to submit other false information.
Thecustomershallnotviolateanypropertyor moral right of third parties.
Thecustomerisobligedtocomply with existing laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and the presentTerms and Conditions of „MarineShop”.




Privacy Policy


We will treat all your Personal Information as confidential and are committed to protecting your privacy. If the customer has declared false information that obligation shall be deemed invalid.
„Marine Shop” undertakes not to disclose customer data to third parties unless it has received expressedpermission from him to dothat, or the information must be provided to the relevant authorities under the Bulgarian legislation.

We confirm that any Personal Information which you provide to us will be used only for the following purposes:
        Processing your orders
        For statistical purposes to improve this Website and its services to you
        To administer this website and toserve website content to you

Product Description and Illustrations

Product descriptions are for information purposes only and the buyer must satisfy themselves through the manufacturers website information that the specifications detailed meet their requirements.


Applicable Law

The terms and conditions of this contract shall be subject to Bulgarian Law and the Bulgarian courts will have jurisdiction in respect of any dispute arising from the contract.


Haveaniceshoppingandcongratulationsfrom„Marine Shop”team

                                                                                  Manager: /....Andrian Anegnostiev...../

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